Where Can You Find the Best Party Bus Prices?

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Renting a party bus can be a very fun experience but it also can come with a hefty price tag.  Fortunately, this price can be substantially reduced by inviting more of your friends so you can all divide the cost evenly and by keeping the extras to a minimum.

Although prices vary from company to company, the most common practice is to charge by the hour.   Hourly prices vary depending on the size of the bus, amount of hours, pick up, destination, and drop-off location, and date.   Fridays and Saturdays are obviously the most booked days  so the prices tend to be higher during the weekends.  Prices may range from $100 to over $200 per hour and for the high end prices most companies include a complimentary bar (if the party is for underage passengers, the alcohol may be substituted with soda and other non-alcoholic beverages).party bus prices

Party bus rental companies may also provide packages that come with a fixed price.  These packages may include special events such as football games for a whole season, holidays, and other special occasions.

Finding the Best Price For Your Rental

In all truth, you don’t need extras inside your bus to have a great time.  To find the best price you just need to do a little bit of research and invite a bunch of people.  The more people you invite to a party bus the more the price will be, however, you can divide the total amount evenly and everyone can chip in to bring down the costs significantly.  Some buses even allow you to bring your own drinks in, which could save you hundreds of dollars.  With the right music, your own drinks, a group of party animals, and knowing you are partying responsibly, finding a great price should be a breeze.  Now that you know how to keep your costs down, just head over to our party bus rental map so you can find an affordable company near your city.

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