Renting a Party Bus Vs. a Limo

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party bus rentalSo you’ve decided you want to party in style but you’re not sure if you should rent a limo or a party bus.  Hopefully by the end of this post, I will help you understand why a party bus is a no brainer if you want to have a party to remember.

Limos are usually for small groups and allow for a more relaxed setting while traveling to your destination.  They are great for small wedding parties or just a night out with someone special to you.

One big difference between a limo and a party bus is that the latter will definitely hold more people because of the amount of space available; the high ceiling and wider vehicle will make you feel like you’re not moving on wheels.  A limo is basically a car that’s stretched out, so yes you can fit a bit more people inside but you still have the low ceilings so the comfort level is not the greatest.

The party bus provides all the luxuries of a limo plus plenty of room to party and comfort.  Another advantage is that you can save a lot of money and get more bang for your buck.  Split the cost of a party bus between 20 or more people and you have yourself a cheap party on wheels.  Party buses also offer fancy amenities such as TVs, flashy lighting, a bar, and dancing poles – you’re basically starting the party the minute you hop on the bus.

Party buses are perfect for large wedding parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, high school proms, going to concerts, sporting events, etc.  Whatever the occasion is, if you have a large amount of people, a party bus will help you celebrate while others wait in traffic.

All in all, both vehicles provide privacy and luxury, but the party bus will help you celebrate in a way that only rock stars do.  Can you dance in a limo?  Perhaps if you do the limbo but if you really want to get loose and get wild for your special event, the party bus is the way to go.

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