How Much Should I Tip a Limo Bus Driver?

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When hiring a party bus company, it’s always important to ask whether tipping is included in the price quoted or if it’s separate (also make sure this is included in the contract).  Limo bus drivers work very hard to make sure they are prompt to your event and they are also responsible for the safety of everyone inside the party bus.  If they have met or exceed your expectations, they should be rewarded accordingly, but why and how much  should you tip your chauffeur?  

A limo bus driver does so much more than just drive you around; they have to know traffic conditions and the fastest and safest routes to get you from point A to point B on time.  They must ensure everyone inside the bus is safe at all times and enforce the rules to prevent any accidents from happening.  Just like waiters, many of them rely on tips to make a good living and support their families.  Of course the quality of service you receive determines how much gratuity you want to give the driver, however, common etiquette is to tip the driver $1 per person on the bus or 15% of the costs for renting the party bus.

tips for limo bus drivers

As I mentioned before, some party bus companies include the driver’s gratuity in the contract but you should ask if the full gratuity will go directly to the driver.   If you’re feeling generous and the driver has done an exceptional job you may still want to show your appreciation by giving him/her an additional cash tip.   It’s always a good idea to let your passengers know ahead of time to bring cash and collect the money from all of them when you first board the bus.  This will help prevent everyone from spending the money going towards the driver.

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