Are Party Buses Safe?

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Whether it’s for a bachelor party, football game tailgate, or high school prom, party buses are a popular way to let loose and have a blast with friends.  But before you run out and rent a party bus, there are some important things to consider.  Since the vehicle is basically a party on wheels, it gives passengers a whole new level of excitement because it’s like nothing else they ride on a consistent basis.   Overall, party buses are very safe and prevent many DUI’s, but because of the increase in space, passengers have the freedom to get up and move around and for this reason bus drivers need to set rules so accidents don’t occur.

First and foremost it’s important for bus drivers to identify anyone who is underage inside the bus so they are not allowed to drink for obvious reasons.  The amount of alcohol consumption by everyone should also be monitored.   In a car, passengers are used to sitting all the time, but with a party bus there is plenty of room for dancing while the bus is in motion and if alcohol consumption is not controlled, passengers can lose their balance and hurt themselves or others.

are party buses safeSmoking should not be allowed inside the bus.  When people start dancing and are up close to each other, cigarettes can burn other passengers, damage seats, and cause fires.  It’s important for bus owners to notify passengers of this rule as they enter the bus and also have signs up indicating how important this rule is for everyone to have a safe trip.

Since it is a moving dance floor, the bus driver will be driving at a speed slower than usual, however, passengers are also encouraged to let the chauffeur know if he is driving too fast.  While dancing, make sure you hang on tightly to dancing poles and don’t attempt dance moves that could cause you to lose your balance.

As a passenger, make sure you check that the company has a current permit, license and insurance.  This is important because there are some buses that work with brokers and many times these companies aren’t insured and their buses aren’t regulated or inspected by state officials.

Overall, party buses offer an atmosphere that’s out of this world and with common sense and learning to control alcohol consumption, passengers can experience an unforgettable night and limit accidents.  Looking for a party bus company in your city?  Check out our party bus rental directory to find a reputable company near you.

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